Terms & Conditions: Complimentary individual membership and Fellowship for Organisational Members

  1. Organisational Members (OMs) receive an unlimited number of free individual membership places ('Places') as part of their annual fee

  2. Places are available for the employees of the OM

  3. The benefit applies to individual applications, renewals and upgrades for member or Fellow (FICRS)

  4. Individual applications and upgrades must follow the normal application route, requiring assessment and approval for Fellowship (FICRS)

  5. Places are redeemed by using your organisation’s unique code ('Code') at the final stage of payment

  6. The Code is available in the user profile of each individual and is valid from 1 January to 31 December each calendar year

  7. All individual memberships redeemed using a Code run from 1 January to 31 December in line with the OM's membership term

  8. A new Code is required to renew free individual memberships from 1 January in a new year

  9. A list of individual members (first name and last name) who have redeemed the organisation's Code will be available to the organisation's nominated Principal

  10. The Secretariat will check with the Principal to confirm whether beneficiaries of free membership are still employees of the OM

  11. Places are not transferable or redeemable against any membership that has already been purchased

  12. Places cannot be used to discount other fees or charges

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