Member organisations form a supportive and exciting network across numerous industries. At our events they share and learn from stories of success and failure, and constantly challenge the CRS profession to improve and evolve

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Membership is open to all, including corporates, SMEs, charities, academic institutions and not-for-profits.


As a Patron you stand out from the membership by declaring an extra level of support for the profession and, importantly, in nurturing the next generation of CRS professionals.


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Application process 

During the application we'll ask a few questions which encourage you to demonstrate how your organisation meets our criteria (see below).  We will then respond to your application with a decision.

The application asks you to demonstrate:

  • Senior management interest in, and support for, sustainable and responsible business practice;
  • A current commitment, or willingness to commit to, promoting the benefits of sustainable and responsible business practice within your own value chain and/or that of your clients / partners;
  • That it is addressing ethical, social and environmental issues and impacts within your own value chain and/or that of your clients / partners;
  • That your organisation agrees to abide by the ICRS Principles of Organisational Membership.


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