Member organisations are a supportive and exciting network spanning numerous sectors

Share and learn as a collective, spark new connections and ideas, and challenge the profession to evolve and improve.

What are the benefits for my organisation?

Skills & Knowledge

Keep yourself, your team, or your whole organisation up to date with leading practice, and the skills needed to make it happen

Share unlimited free individual memberships, at any level, for anyone in your organisation (usually £125 - £180 per person) Ts&Cs
Interact on regular live webinars and access a library of ~100 recorded sessions Search the library
Book a CRS workshop with the Secretariat to get new team members up to speed and explore the CRS context in your sector
Assess and address team capabilities with our Competency Framework and tailored support from the Secretariat

Recognition and profile

Boost yourself, your team and your organisation's profile across the network

Reach >2,000 professionals worldwide and get priority access to ICRS channels
Inspire the next generation in an interview or by mentoring
Your brand in our public Register
Our logo shows your commitment to the profession and our Guiding Principles
Assemble the network around a question or topic of your choice: Use our webinars, roundtables and flagship events
Take the lead as your organisation's ICRS Principal. These are senior people with access to uniquely curated Principal events

Access to the network

Tap into the collective experience and knowledge of specialists around the world

Two guaranteed places at each of our flagship events, The Exchange and The Debate
Connect directly with members and expert contributors online and face-to-face
Ask the Secretariat for introductions to anyone in the network
Use mentoring to hone skills and extend connections across the sector
Use our Ask the Network survey to canvass the professional community

Space to innovate

Step back and see the big picture

Principals have a direct route to the Institute's leaders through your Board Liaison, a board member to represent your views on the direction of the Institute Our Board
Use events and resources to get away from the daily noise, giving yourself time to learn from others, seek inspiration, and motivation


Membership is open to all including corporates, SMEs, charities, academic institutions and not-for-profits.

Patrons: Greater recognition

Patrons stand out by declaring an extra level of support for the profession. You receive all the benefits above plus:

Use of our distinct Patron branding
Recognition across all ICRS channels
Guest author articles on The ICRS Blog on Read our Blog
Feature as a Patron Sponsor at our flagship events

Who else is a member?

All member organisations and Patrons are listed in our Public Register.

Public Register

How much does membership cost?

Our latest membership fees

How to apply

There's a short form to show how your organisation meets four criteria:

  1. Your senior management is interested in and supports sustainable and responsible business practice
  2. You commit to promoting the benefits of sustainable and responsible business practice
  3. You show how you are addressing your own ethical, social and environmental issues
  4. You agree to abide by the Principles of Organisational Membership

Read the Principles

Need some help?

Contact us if you have any questions about joining.

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