Organisational Members

Our member organisations form a supportive and exciting network spanning numerous sectors.

Together, they share and learn as a collective, spark new connections, and challenge the profession to evolve.


Apply for Organisational Membership


  • Free, unlimited membership for colleagues across your organisation
  • Introduce the Principles of CRS to colleagues within your organisation
  • Benchmark your team's CRS skillset against our Competency Framework
  • Empower your team to take control of their CPD 
  • Network with peers through regional Hub events
  • Guaranteed places to attend our annual flagship event, The Exchange
  • Priority access to participate in our Mentoring Programme


We welcome organisations of all types, from multinationals to SMEs, academic institutions, charities, and social enterprises.

We ask organisations to submit a short application outlining their commitment to responsible business practices.

All organisational members commit to the following Principles of Membership. 

  • Uphold and promote the reputation of the Institute
  • Actively participate in the activities of the Institute and develop its reach and influence
  • Develop an understanding of the opportunities, risks and benefits that a commitment to CRS can have for business, other organisations and society
  • Create ways of working with stakeholders and partners within and across organisations to maximise the benefits of responsible and sustainable business practices
  • Influence and persuade others of the case for CRS
  • Demonstrate integrity, honesty, ethical and appropriate behaviour at all times
  • Act always within the law, contractual obligations and regulations
  • Refrain from using ICRS membership to secure direct financial benefits from other members
  • Respect and abide by these principles and encourage others to do the same

The Board reserves the right to suspend the membership of any organisation if it fails to comply with any of the Principles above. 


Membership fees are annual and based on the type of organisation and membership level: Patron or Standard.

This one-time fee opens access to all member benefits; there are no additional costs to engage in programme elements. 

Membership runs from January to December. If you join after 1 January, your fees will be pro-rated accordingly. 

Membership Fees

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