Inclusive Practices To Support CR&S Apprenticeships: Recruitment

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Inclusive Practice One-Pagers

As part of our research into the impact of the CR&S Apprenticeship, we created an accompanying toolkit on inclusive practices with expert input from the Warrior Group Network, the researchers on the project.

These one-pagers contain helpful tips and approaches to help you and your organisation get started. Whether you're just beginning to explore inclusive practices or looking to build on existing efforts, these one-pagers will provide you with the guidance you need to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for apprentices and others across your organisation.


Social mobility is at the heart of the CR&S apprenticeship standard, providing opportunities to individuals who otherwise would not have a chance to establish a career in the sector. The ideal candidate likely wont be found in the usual recruitment hotspots, providing a challenge to
employers to re-think their standard recruitment practices.

Toolkit: Recruitment

ICRS CR&S Apprenticeship Review 2023

Our latest research, generously funded by Amazon, focuses on the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) Apprenticeship. The CR&S profession has transformed since 2014, with growing interest in sustainability. The Level 4 CR&S Apprenticeship was introduced in 2021, with the support of the ICRS and a Trailblazer Group of employers providing an entry route for 140 apprentices in over 90 businesses. Our research highlights the benefits of the apprenticeship and includes case studies and practical advice for creating an inclusive culture to maximise its benefits.

CRS Apprenticeship Review 2023