Mentoring Programme

Open to all ICRS members, our Mentoring Programme is designed to develop your knowledge and competencies, support your career, and create lasting connections across the sector.

Who is the programme for?

The programme benefits members at all levels - we believe that mentoring is a powerful development tool for anyone who wants to learn and grow, whatever their career stage.

Mentees can gain the insight of a more experienced peer, improve their personal effectiveness, and define career goals and the steps needed to achieve them. They will also gain a supportive sounding board.

Mentors in the programme have the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience, practise new skills such as active listening and coaching, and in turn learn from their mentee.

When should I apply, and how will I be matched?

The application process opens twice a year in the spring and autumn. Mentors and mentees complete a short online application that reflects the ICRS Competency Framework, an opportunity to reflect on what they want to achieve, enabling us to make a good match.

This can take some time. In making matches, we consider the compatibility of skills, experience, and mentoring goals to find appropriate pairs. It may take more than one round for applicants to be matched. We also prioritise employees of organisational members with a good track record of providing ICRS mentors.

Who can apply as a mentee?

All individual members of the Institute are welcome to apply.

Previous mentees must give back to the programme by offering their time as a mentor before they are eligible to become a mentee again.

Can I be a mentor?

We are always seeking more mentors.

We welcome applications from ICRS Fellows and members with at least five years of recent professional CRS experience. Previous mentoring experience is not needed – we provide training to help new mentors work effectively.

How will the mentoring work?

We give both mentors and mentees guidelines and resources to enable a productive relationship that is underpinned by setting specific goals and objectives and monitoring progress.

Mentors and mentees are strongly encouraged to take part in our training sessions to develop their skills and ensure consistency across the programme.

Each mentoring relationship lasts 12 months – and many mentors and mentees stay in touch beyond this time on an informal basis.

Making the most of our mentoring resources

We highly encourage all programme participants to review our highly useful resources before starting their first mentoring relationship and to revisit them often to refresh their knowledge and skills.