The 2016 application process to become a Fellow has now closed.

Information on timescales for the next round of appointments will be posted on this website and included within the ICRS Express in due course. If you have any questions about Fellowship please contact the secretariat.

Those wishing to apply for Fellowship will need to have been full Members of the ICRS for at least one year and be currently employed as an in-house practitioner, academic or consultant. In addition to demonstrating their personal impact and achievements, applicants will have to evidence their active engagement in supporting the CRS profession. They will also need to provide evidence of their on-going commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  

Current Fellows

For details of ICRS’s current Fellows please see our list of Individual Members.


The Core Competencies of a Fellow

  Engage stakeholders Plan, develop strategy & manage projects Research & analyse Influence & persuade Measure & report impact



Fellows will...

...be distinguished in the practice of engaging with stakeholders within an organisation, sector and/or the CRS profession





...lead the CRS planning and strategy within an organisation, a sector and/or the CRS profession





...be a recognised practitioner in executing projects and be capable of leading and directing multiple project strands.





...be distinguished within an organisation, sector and/or the CRS profession at influencing and persuading others of matters relating to the CRS agenda.





...lead the CRS research and analysis programme within an organisation, a sector and/or the CRS profession.





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