Fellowship recognises your experience and skills as a CRS specialist, connecting you to a global network of professionals

Contribute to the evolution and influence of this profession, get recognition from your peers, and transform how business works in the world around you.


  • Face-to-face events and networking opportunities with other Fellows hosted by the Institute and our member companies
  • Access to the Exchange, our annual conference for specialists
  • Access to the Debate, our annual challenge to the profession
  • Use the post-nominal letters, FICRS, to show your status as a specialist
  • Regular, in-depth webinars with expert speakers on a wide range of CRS topics; listen live or from our library of recordings
  • Pass on your skills and experience, and gain personal recognition, as a volunteer mentor
  • Access to the online CPD logging system to track your development and achievements
  • Share news and insights through the Express, our fortnightly round-up of news and jobs, with an audience of thousands

Am I eligible?

Fellowship is open to anyone who can demonstrate:


  • High levels of professional CRS experience and competence
  • At least 75% of your working time is spent on CRS
  • At least five years' recent professional CRS experience in the last eight years
    • If you have a CRS Master’s Degree / PhD then you only need three years' recent experience in the last five years.
  • Manage and/or direct CRS work
  • Act in a leadership capacity; are distinguished within an organization, sector and/or the broader CRS profession, in terms of influencing and persuading others on matters relating to the CRS agenda. 

Your application will go to one of our volunteer assessors for approval. These are qualified Fellows who have received formal assessor training. Once approved, you will be invited to accept the Fellowship, agree to the Code of Conduct, and pay the annual subscription.

From submission to final approval can take between two weeks and one month, depending on any extra detail requested by the assessor.

Fellowship is open to everyone inside and outside the UK that meets the criteria. Many of our resources are available online so wherever you are in the world you will have access and support through the ICRS community.

Read the Code of Conduct

What are the criteria?

Our Competency Framework sets the criteria for Fellowship. There are two aspects to the Framework, the Guiding Principles, and the Core Competences.

Guiding Principles

Four building blocks of the profession used by specialists to explain the influence and aspirations of their role, and the broader responsibilities of their organisation. Fellows can demonstrate experience in at least three Principles.

ethical behaviour

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Pursue positive
social impact

read more

Pursue positive
environmental impact

read more

Promote development
of sustainable
products & services

read more

Core Competences

Five crucial skills of CRS professionals, equipping and empowering you to make tangible improvements to the world around you. Fellows can demonstrate experience in at least four Competences and are accomplished at managing or directing CRS activity.

Engage with

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Plan, develop strategy
& manage projects

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Research &

read more

Influence &

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Measure &
report impact

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How much does Fellowship cost?

Employees of Organisational Members enjoy free Fellowship by using a unique discount code (ask your organisation’s Principal contact for your code).

Latest membership fees

How to apply

Read the tips and the guidance document before you get started, then complete the online application (login required).

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Fellow Application Guidance Document

Application tips


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