New membership structure

I was a member before the change on 4th January 2019. What's my new membership level called?

The table below shows how the individual membership levels have changed.

Applications for new Associates closed on 4th January 2019. If you are already an Associate you are still recognised in our Public Register and can continue to use the post-nominal letters you have achieved (AICRS).

Old level New level
Student Affiliate Member
Affiliate Member
Associate (AICRS) Associate (AICRS)
Member (MICRS) Fellow (FICRS)
Fellow (FICRS) Fellow (FICRS)

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I reset my password but didn’t receive the automated email. What can I do now? 

Have you checked your Junk or Clutter folder? This email contains a link to reset your password.

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How can I pay for membership or Fellowship?

We accept credit and debit card payments through our online payment platform.

Where can I find a receipt when I've paid for my membership fees? 

Log in, click My account, then click Orders.

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How can I upgrade to Fellowship?

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My membership has expired, how can I renew?

Sign in and click the Renew button in your profile.

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Can I put my membership on hold while I'm on a career break (e.g. sabbatical / maternity / paternity / parental leave)?

Sorry, unfortunately we can't freeze your membership while you're away.

If you'd like to renew membership or Fellowship after returning from a career break, get in touch and we can help.

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Can I have a certificate for membership or Fellowship?

There aren't certificates yet but we are working on digital and physical options for Fellows.

Until then, why not share your achievement with friends, family and colleagues and point them to the Public Register? If you're a Fellow, why not add your post-nominal letters to your online profiles like twitter and LinkedIn?

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Online resources & community

Can I watch webinars again?

Some of our webinars are available to watch again in the archive.

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How can I contact other members and Fellows?

The roundtables, conferences, and workshops are a great chance to meet others.

You can also join the conversation online in our LinkedIn group, Exchange Online, or on twitter.

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I have a great idea for an event, article, or webinar. Who can I speak to?

Let us know what you have in mind and we're excited to get you involved as a contributor. Contact us through

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