The CPD Development Cycle

The cycle helps set and review your professional objectives during the course of your career










Where are you at? Think about what is expected of you in your role, your current skills and achievements, and what you would like to achieve in the next 12 months. Set your SMART objectives (found below) to reach those goals.


Put your plan into action! Remember to update your CPD Plan & Evidence Log.


Have you reached your goals? Use your CPD Plan & Evidence Log to reflect on and record your learning.


What would you do differently? What's still left to do?

Set your SMART objectives:

Specific Concrete and well-defined

Measurable Clear criteria so you know when it has been achieved

Achievable Stretching but realistic

Relevant Fits your role and where you are in your career

Time-bound Identify a date for completion


You are a new member of staff and have decided that your objective is to:

“Have a good understanding of my organisation's approach to sustainability by the end of the year”

But is this SMART? Instead, how about:

“Meet the CR Director to discuss how the organisation's approach to sustainability has changed over the past year, and how it is likely to change in the year ahead. Deadline: 1 March."

You're contextualising the organisation's approach and learning about the direction in which it is heading.

"Develop an informal training session for new joiners on the organisation's approach to sustainability. Deadline: 1 June"

Before you can write a training session you need to understand what you're trying to communicate. The act of teaching others will reinforce your learning.

"Deliver the training session to at least one set of new joiners and gather their feedback. Deadline: 1 September”

Listening to feedback will determine whether you have successfully shared your knowledge.