A speedy interview with the London Hub

A speedy interview with the London Hub

The London Hub runs themed events and networking opportunities for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) professionals that are connected to London.

The group is led by the newly formed London Hub Steering Committee and administered by the ICRS Secretariat team.

The London hub steering committee is chaired by  Lucy Dormandy and Sofia Alexandrache FICRS MIPM.

What makes your Hub unique?

Like all the Hubs ours is a member-led group, so we are always keen to engage with our members in order to identify topics that would interest them. 

What makes us unique is that there is usually a high level of interest in our events, which means there’s aways a good opportunity to meet someone new and network with fellow ICRS members so you can enhance your experience and make the most of your membership.

What do you see as the role of your Hub?

Our Hub provides a space to network and learn from one another.  Our aim is to bring people together to help build a better, more responsible business community in London, given that a professionals in this field often have small teams so can feel a bit isolated. The topics of our events and networking sessions focus on both environmental sustainability and on social responsibility.

How are you hoping your Hub will evolve?

We always aim to be as responsive as possible, to make sure that the topics we cover are in line with what’s new in the sector, and also responsive in terms of what’s relevant for the hub members. With this in mind, we always welcome input and feedback from event attendees to help inform the Hub’s future activity. We’re especially keen to start organizing more in person events, given the relative ease of doing so for those who spend some of their working week in the capital.

We’ve also been fortunate to be joined recently by new members on the Steering Committee recently, who bring a wealth of fresh perspectives and experience. We look forward to organising a series of events that resonate with our members and help to build a community of ICRS professionals in London that provides tangible benefit to both them personally, and the CRS profession as a whole.

Keep an eye out on our Events page for upcoming London Hub events, with the next one being a virtual networking event on the 29th of September.