Skills and development

Continuing Professional Development

Continuous learning throughout your career ensures you remain an effective and influential CRS professional.

Use our framework and guidance to help set your personal objectives, track your progress, and reflect on your experience. These tools can easily complement any other professional development support you have in place.

The ICRS defines Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as the ways in which you maintain and extend your professional knowledge and skills. It is fundamental to your on-going effectiveness and development. It covers both formal and informal learning and development. Members should regularly reflect on their CPD and plan according to their own professional development needs.

As ICRS Members, you agree to adhere to our CPD Policy requirements:

  • Commit to their continuing professional development
  • Understand that development is continuous and applicable to every level of membership
  • Undertake CPD which is aligned to the ICRS Competency Framework
  • Maintain records of their CPD using the CPD Personal Development Plan and Log
  • Take responsibility for their own development
  • Upon request, provide evidence of compliance with these policy requirements
  • Compliance by members

All members of the ICRS will be required to undertake CPD. At this stage we are not prescribing the number of hours or units a member should complete. Members will, however be responsible for assessing their development needs and designing their own CPD programme. The emphasis is on reflective learning and benefits that members derive from their CPD. Members are encouraged to use the ICRS CPD Guide to access future development needs.

Compliance with the policy requirements is a condition of membership to the ICRS. The ICRS selects a random sample of its members to monitor each year; those selected must submit their ICRS CPD Personal Development Plan and Log and will be expected to be able to provide their CPD record for at least a year. The sample is weighted to include an appropriate proportion of members within each membership level. We will be in contact if you have been selected for monitoring.