Joining the ICRS as a Member provides you with professional recognition of your skills, capabilities and experience as a senior CR&S practitioner.

The benefits include:

  • Professional recognition as a CRS practitioner, including the use of letters after your name if you are at Associate, Member or Fellow level.
  • CPD to proactively grow your skills and capabilities.
  • Free fortnightly webinars on key sustainability topics delivered by sector experts and access to our extensive on-demand webinar archive.
  • Free access to award-winning online learning materials from Ashridge Business School.
  • Mentoring opportunities within the ICRS community.
  • Access to career case studies and interviews with leading practitioners.
  • The opportunity to grow your network through events and meet ups.
  • Access to special offers and discounts on subscriptions, events and other products/ services.



As a Member you:

  • have at least five years’ experience in a CR&S role within the last eight years or
  • have a CR&S-related Master’s Degree or PhD recognised by the ICRS and have worked in a CR&S role for at least three years within the last five years
  • estimate that you dedicate 75-100% of your working time to CR&S
  • agree to abide by the ICRS Code of Conduct
  • commit to continuing professional development in line with the ICRS CPD Policy


Applications for Members are assessed by the ICRS. The application form is an opportunity to demonstrate how you meet the requirements of a Member set out in the ICRS Competency Framework. A Member routinely directs and manages CR&S work within an organisation.

Top tips on how to apply


Become a Member

Annual membership fee:


One-off joining fee:


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We aim to notify all applicants regarding the outcome of their application within a month of receiving it.  If successful the notification email will contain details on how to pay.  You will need to pay within 30 days.

Payment may be made by credit or debit card

The Core Competences of a Member

Engage with stakeholders

Plan, develop strategy & manage projects

Research & analyse

Influence & persuade

Measure & report impact

Members will... or manage the process of engaging with stakeholders on CR&S matters within an organisation. and/or manage CR&S planning within an organisation, and develop and shape an organisation's CR&S strategy. accomplished in project management and be able to lead others in delivering project goals. or manage CR&S research and analysis within an organisation, ensuring that it is consistent with, and promotes, an organisation's CR&S strategy and operations, as well as the Guiding Principles. accomplished at influencing and persuading others within an organisation or sector of the matters relating to the CR&S agenda. or manage the measurement of CR&S activities within an organisation or manage the reporting of the impacts of CR&S activities within an organisation.

 To become a Member you need to supply evidence of your achievements in relation to at least four of the five competences shown above.

Members also need to supply evidence relating to three of the four Guiding Principles of the ICRS Competency Framework:

  • Champion ethical behaviour
  • Pursue positive social impact
  • Pursue positive environmental impact
  • Promote development of sustainable products and services
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