ICRS Fellowship

Fellowship recognises your experience and skills as a CRS specialist and connects you to a wide network of practitioners.

Contribute to the evolution of this profession, get recognition from your peers, and transform how business works in the world around you.


  • Face-to-face events and networking opportunities with other specialists via our Fellows Hub
  • Access to the Exchange, our annual conference for specialists
  • Use the post-nominal letters, FICRS, to show your status as a specialist
  • Access to our library of resources to maintain and develop your skills
  • Pass on your skills and experience, and gain personal recognition, as a volunteer mentor
  • Access to the online CPD logging system to track your development and achievements
  • Share news and insights through The Express, our monthly newsletter


Fellowship is open to anyone, inside and outside the UK, who can demonstrate they:

  • Have high levels of professional CRS experience and competence, as set out in our Competency Framework
  • Spend at least 75% of their current working time on CRS
  • Have at least five years' professional CRS experience in the last eight years or three years in the last five with a relevant master’s degree or PhD
  • Manage and/or direct CRS work
  • Act in a leadership capacity; are distinguished within an organisation, sector and/or the broader CRS profession, in terms of influencing and persuading others on matters relating to the CRS agenda.

Applications go to our volunteer assessors for approval. Assessors are qualified Fellows who have received formal assessor training. The process takes between two and four weeks. Once approved, applicants are asked to accept the Fellowship, agree to the Code of Conduct and pay the annual subscription.

Our criteria

Our Competency Framework sets the criteria for Fellowship. There are two aspects to the Framework: the Guiding Principles and the Core Competences.

Guiding Principles

Four building blocks of the profession used by specialists to explain the influence and aspirations of their role, and the broader responsibilities of their organisation. Fellows can demonstrate experience in at least three Principles.

  1. Champion ethical behaviour
  2. Pursue positive social impact
  3. Pursue positive environmental impact
  4. Promote development of sustainable products and services

Core Competences

Five crucial skills that equip and empower CRS professionals to make tangible improvements to the world around them. Fellows can demonstrate experience in at least four Competences and are accomplished at managing or directing CRS activity.

  1. Engage with stakeholders
  2. Plan, develop strategy, and manage projects
  3. Research and analyse
  4. Influence and persuade
  5. Measure and report impact

Membership fees

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