Academic fast track

Use your academic qualifications to fast track Fellowship

The fast track is available if you have a Master's or PhD qualification in CRS, or relevant subject, from a recognised UK or EU university or business school. It allows you to achieve Fellowship with three years of CRS experience, instead of the standard requirement of five years.

Share details of your qualifications in your online application.

Is your qualification relevant to CRS?

Fast track is open to Masters or PhDs conferred by an officially recognised UK university or business school, or one within the EU so long as the qualifications align with Levels 7 (Masters) and 8 (PhD) of the European Qualifications Framework.

Fast track is not available for:

  • Undergraduate degrees
  • Non-degree courses
  • Qualifications from institutions outside the EU

What do I need to do?

Use the Academic Qualifications section of your application and:

  • Demonstrate how your qualifications meet the requirements above
  • Explain how your studies were directly relevant to CRS, and how they support the Guiding Principles and Core Competences of the Competency Framework.

Need some help?

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