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You are continuously learning throughout your career as an effective and influential CRS professional. 

Use our framework, resources, and events to help set your personal objectives, track your progress, and reflect on your experience. You can easily use these tools alongside any professional development support you already have.


What is the Circular Economy?

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Knowledge Library

Insights from our Members

Key CR&S Trends To Look Out for in 2023, Jennie Galbraith

Member Insights: Wellbeing and the Sustainability Practitioner

Debunking the Seven Greatest Mentoring Myths


Attend our upcoming events to learn about crucial CRS topics and meet fellow practitioners and members.

ICRS Events

Insights from our Hubs

ICRS Hubs bring members together to learn from each other. Read some of their insights and view recordings of their events below.

ICRS Fellows Hub: A Seat at the Table – The Rising Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

ICRS Scotland Hub: Advisor to Change Agent

ICRS Fellows Hub: Walking the Talk vs Guilty Secrets

New to CR&S?

Not sure what a career in CR&S entails? Check out the resources below. 

ICRS Aspire Hub: Demystifying a Career in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

ICRS London Hub: Making Change - A Career in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

ICRS Aspire Hub: Skills for CRS - Building a Strong Foundation