Guidance for webinar contributors

In our webinars you will hear from fellow CRS professionals sharing practical advice, technical knowledge, and helpful examples of what they learnt from success (or failure!).

This guidance is for our guest speakers. It explains what to expect from the usual webinar format, how best to prepare yourself, and some all-important technical requirements to make sure everyone around the world can hear you loud and clear.

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Date and time

You can find all the latest information on dates, times and topics on the EVENTS page.

If timings need to change, we will be in touch with you directly to find a convenient alternative.

Before the day: What we need

Please send the items mentioned below to

We like to showcase guest speakers with a good profile picture, name and job title (see example on the right). Please send these to us as soon as you can. Seeing who's speaking always encourages more people to tune in.

Prepare to deliver a 10-15 minute presentation.

Many people use slides, but this isn't compulsory so do what works best for you.

If you are using slides please send them to us at least one week before your webinar. We make sure everything technical is ready in good time so your slides look great on the day.

We also share your useful links, background reading, reports, or online resources with the listeners. Send suggestions to us and we will publish them as part of the event listing.

The webinar will be chaired by someone from the ICRS Secretariat who will be in touch with you before the day. Together, you will agree the running order, and discuss questions to cover during the Q&A.

Joining in person or online?

We recommend joining us in person in Central London if you can. The webinar is broadcast from the Secretariat offices:

Carnstone Partners LLP

Durham House

Durham House Street


You can also join remotely but we strongly recommend using a headset and a good internet connection for the best sound quality. We will invite you to a 5-minute test webinar to check the sound quality and your internet connection.

The day before the webinar we will send you a link to access the webinar's 'virtual room'.

On the day we recommend arriving in the 'room' at least 20 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. The chair will be online to give you access as a presenter. You can then use your headset for audio and control the slides from your screen. We can use this time to iron out any last minute technical issues.

Timing on the day

The chair will welcome everyone listening, give a brief introduction to the topic, and explain how the session will run. Then it's over to your presentations.

The webinar lasts an hour. The first 30-35 minutes are presentations. The remaining time is for discussion when we take questions from listeners. They post questions to a Q&A panel on our screens.

The chair will thank you and bring the event to a close at the end of the hour.


We record webinars and publish them in our library of online resources. They are also promoted in our fortnightly newsletter and on social media.

Thank you

We hope this sparks some exciting conversations, and you enjoy the session as much as those listening.

From us, thank you for taking the time to speak.

Have an idea for another session? Let us know:

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