Frequently Asked Questions

I reset my password but didn’t receive the automated email. What should I do? 

Have you checked your Junk or Clutter folder? The email contains a link to reset your password.

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Where can I find a receipt once I pay for my membership fees? 

Log in and click 'My account' then the tab labelled 'Orders'.

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Can I watch webinars again?

Yes! All our webinars are available to watch again in the archive.

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How can I contact other members?

The roundtables, conferences, and workshops are a great chance to meet fellow CRS professionals face-to-face.

You can also join the conversations on Exchange Online, our LinkedIn group, or on twitter.

Attend an event

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How can I suggest an idea for an event, article, or webinar?

We want to hear from you so please get in touch. We have also published advice for contributors to help you

Guidance for contributors

Guidance for webinar speakers

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Membership: individuals

Am I eligible to join?

If you work in corporate responsibility or sustainability (CRS), or even a related role, then you should think about joining the Institute. Our members include people from large and small companies and charities, independent consultants, academics and students.

There are different levels of membership to suit where you are in your career, and each has different criteria.

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Which level is right for me? 

We have a selection of membership levels to suit the stage you are at in your career. You can find the right level by reading our detailed descriptions and criteria, or why not discuss it with your manager or mentor?

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How much does it cost? 

Current membership fees 

How can I upgrade to a higher level?

Your original application is saved in your profile. To find it, click 'My account' and 'My application form'.

Select the level you'd like to upgrade to from the drop-down menu, then update and submit your application form.

It will be assessed by one of our volunteer assessors and you will be contacted with their decision. If you are successful you will be sent a link to pay fees for the new level, plus a small administration fee.

Your name will then appear in our register of Individual members at the new level.

Current membership fees

Register of members: Individuals

How do you assess my application? And how long will it take?

Associates (AICRS), Members (MICRS), and Fellows (FICRS) are assessed by a trained group of volunteer assessors, all of whom are themselves members of the Institute and experienced CRS professionals in their own right.

They refer to our Competency Framework to determine whether you meet the criteria for your chosen membership level. You will be contacted with their decision, or asked for clarification on a part of your application.

If your application is approved you will be sent a message of congratulations! You will also receive a link to pay your membership fees. The whole process usually takes one month. 

More on criteria>

The Competency Framework

Do I need academic qualifications to join? 

No. We offer a variety of routes to membership and do not require members at any level to have a particular qualification, academic or otherwise.

Our membership levels >

How long does my membership last? 

Once you pay the membership fee you get immediate access to the benefits, online resources and events.

Membership lasts for 12 months and you will receive email reminders as your renewal date approaches.

Individual Member Terms and Conditions

How do I renew?

We will remind you by email as your renewal date approaches. These emails will include links to your renewal payment page. You will not need to complete a new application form to renew at the same level.

Not receiving our reminder emails? Have you checked your Junk and Clutter folders?

Visit the payment page (login required) 

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How can I pay for membership? 

We accept payments by debit or credit card through our online payment platform. 

Can I put my membership on hold while I'm on a career break (e.g. sabbatical / maternity / paternity leave)?

Unfortunately we can't freeze your membership while you are away.

If you are returning from a career break and would like to renew please contact us and we can help.

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Will I receive a certificate for my membership? 

We do not currently issue certificates but it is something we are working on. When more news is available we will share it in our newsletter, the Express.

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Membership: organisations

Why should my organisation join the ICRS?

Member organisations form a supportive and exciting network across numerous industries. At our events they share and learn from stories of success and failure, and constantly challenge the CRS profession to improve and evolve.

Membership is open to all, including corporates, SMEs, charities, academic institutions and not-for-profits.

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Register of members: Organisations

How much does it cost? 

Current membership fees

What is a Patron? 

As a Patron you stand out from the membership by declaring an extra level of support for the profession and, importantly, in nurturing the next generation of CRS professionals. Show your support by using our Patron brand, and encourage your colleagues to benefit from ten individual memberships which are included in your package.

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Governance & Structure

What is the governance structure of the Institute and how is it run? 

Corporate Responsibility Group Ltd (the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability) is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.

It was established by a group of senior CRS practitioners to ensure that people and companies working in the field had the recognition and support they needed to be brilliant in their work.

The Institute is run by a Board of volunteer Directors, and supported by a Secretariat. The board is made up of senior CRS professionals and functional specialists where required. Currently, a finance specialist supports the Institute’s development.

On a day-to-day basis, the Institute is run by a secretariat provided by Carnstone Partners Limited, a specialist management consultancy in the field of CR and sustainability.

About the Institute

How is Corporate Responsibility Group (CRG) related to ICRS? 

Our history 

How is ICRS funded?

ICRS was initially funded through cash and in-kind donations from our Founding Supporters and CRG.

ICRS is now entirely funded by the subscriptions of its members - from both individuals and organisations.

Our history

Work With Us

Can I join if I'm not based in the UK? 

Yes, we welcome members from outside the UK. As many of our resources are available online we hope you will still find plenty of helpful support for your career.

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Can I become a partner or supporter of the Institute?

We're always open to discussing partnerships. Please get in touch. If you are interested in partnering with the ICRS for events, please see the section below.

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We are open to promoting external events that we think our members will find valuable.

What do I get as a Partner?

Your event will be listed on the ICRS Events page with a description of your event (including images), why CRS professionals should attend, and a link to the registration website. Note that we reserve the right to edit any copy you provide to us, to make it consistent with the ICRS tone and style.

Promotion of your event in our fortnightly newsletter, the ICRS Express. We can also retweet a selection of your tweets about the event, before and during the event.

What do I need to provide as a Partner?

We ask our Partners to include the current ICRS logo and a brief summary of the Institute in the event marketing materials, delegate packs, and the relevant section of the event website.

A minimum 15% discount for ICRS Members, valid up to the day of the event. Please note that this offer must be better than (or improve upon) any ‘early bird’ discounts that you offer to other delegates.

Partners are also required to provide the ICRS Secretariat a complimentary pass, so that the Institute can be represented at your event.

Any other questions? Please get in touch

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