ICRS West London Hub

Join the ICRS West London Hub for a meeting on Tuesday 23rd February.

This will be the first of the West London events taking place in 2021. Join to meet CRS professionals in your area and engage in an interesting conversation. 

As our hub gatherings always have a social dimension and it is late afternoon please bring a drink and nibbles to your laptop/ home office!

This Hub meeting is open to all CRS professionals. 



  • Welcome
  • Interview with Charlie Bigham, Founder of Bighams (based in Park Royal, West London); exclusive replay of Dec 2021 interview in which Charlie discussed their transition to B Corp and challenges of transitioning to carbon neutrality
  • Update on West London Build & Recover Plan – David Francis, WLA (tbc)
  • Open discussion around how the CRS community is supporting recovery in West London
  • Developing a steering group for the ICRS West London hub
ICRS Regional Hub
Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 16:00 to 18:00
Open to all
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