ICRS Oxford Hub: The Challenge of Achieving Net Zero

The recent surge in commitments from governments, communities and businesses to Net Zero (NZ) is a critical and encouraging development. In committing to achieving NZ by 2050, the UK joins 120 other countries making similar pledges along with, at the last count, commitments from 23 regions, 454 cities, 1,397 companies, 569 universities, and 74 investors.  NZ commitments globally now cover around 68% of the global economy, 56% of the global population and 61% of global greenhouse gas emissions (UN Race to Zero campaign).

Commitments of course are only the first step; action needs to follow and follow fast if we are to see  the scale of change urgently required.  While we know the path to achieving those commitments in many cases remains unclear, we do know it must be based on science and collaboration, with a vital role for business in  mobilising the innovation, scale and resources required.


With that in mind, we’re delighted to be joined by 3 experts to talk about the important contributions the University of Oxford and business are making to achieving Net Zero :

  • Kaya Axelsson, Net Zero Policy Engagement Fellow at the University of Oxford will talk about how the University is drawing together its world-leading expertise in climate science and policy to provide advice and expertise as well as convene research on reaching global Net Zero
  • Josh Deru,  Consultant at Oxford-based sustainability consultancy 3Keel, will outline some of the trends he is seeing in business' commitments to NZ 
  • Andy Dewis, VP International Solutions, Energy & Sustainability at Schneider Electric, will provide a case study on one business’ approach to achieving Net Zero.

Our panel will speak for 10 minutes each leave plenty of time for discussion.

ICRS Regional Hub
Thursday, February 18, 2021 - 11:30 to 12:45
Open to all
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