Social Mobility in the workplace

Investing in the development of people with a variety of skills, experiences and backgrounds gives businesses, so it’s claimed, a competitive edge. Consequently, organisations – in all sectors – are continually being challenged to demonstrate that they are drawing from the widest possible pool of talent. The promotion of diversity and inclusion within the workforce has become a central pillar of many CR programmes.

Increasingly, a key part of this agenda relates to ensuring that recruitment and employment practices are contributing to greater social mobility – something which, in the UK context particularly, has alleged stalled if not declined over recent years. Organisations have approached the issue of social mobility in a variety of ways. In addition to engaging in outreach programmes to attract applicants from groups traditionally under-represented in their workforce some employers have removed possible areas of bias (conscious or otherwise) – such as UCAS points, university and degree classifications – from applications while others offer apprenticeship routes into graduate programmes and/or training for potential applicants. There is also much greater monitoring of socio-economic and other demographics characteristics among applicants and employees.

This webinar will explore - with the use of case studies – how businesses integrate this issue into their core business and look at what else needs to be done to remove any remaining barriers to employment. It will also give listeners a chance to question our panel of experts.


Areas of interest: Diversity & Inclusion, Social Mobility, Education


  • Stephen Hogan - Social Mobility Lead, PwC
  • Sophie Hulm - Head of Employability at City of London


Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 09:00 to 10:00
Free to attend
Open to ICRS individual members
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