Using the ICRS Competency Framework

The ICRS Competency Framework is not rigid but rather a guide to assist practitioners, helping you to be effective in your role.

CRS practitioners

The Framework can help individuals at all stages of their career, from novices to experts looking to maintain a leadership position. The Framework can also help people to articulate what they do and allow them to gain recognition with employers, and/or to prove their suitability for a new role. By highlighting the competences needed for career progression, the Framework can also assist people to identify areas for continuing professional development.

The CRS profession

The Framework can serve the best interests of the CRS profession as a whole, by acting as a common reference tool.


The Framework can assist employers both in assessing the performance of staff and in developing job specifications. It can also help them to understand what is needed in terms of training and recruitment, by identifying both the range and standard of competences required.

Recruitment agencies

The Framework can help recruiters match candidates to jobs by recognising the combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes required for particular roles.

Learning providers

The Framework can help with structured learning on CRS issues. It will also assist the ICRS in developing qualifications that will extend learning and recognise professionals’ achievements. It can also help academic institutions to develop training and qualifications in the field.


The Framework can assist those who employ CRS practitioners to understand the competences that these individuals possess, the standards that may be expected and the functions they can perform.


The Framework can help those who want to understand more about the practice of CRS, such as students, potential career changers and those in other professions who have some engagement with CRS.


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