Online Course: Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability in Practice

This online course introduces ICRS Individual and Organisational members to the key competencies required to manage a socially responsible, environmentally aware, inclusive and ethical business.  The course has been developed as a partnership between the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) and the ICRS.

Through the course and by completing its exercises you will be able to demonstrate the skills, critical thinking and practical application of techniques expected in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

The course is only open to Individual members of the ICRS and employees of Organisational Members, so find out more about joining us on our membership pages.

The course is split into seven stages:

STAGE 1: Welcome to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

What are the drivers of corporate responsibility and sustainability, and what terms, definitions and concepts are used in the field?

Stage 1 ›

STAGE 2: Reflecting on your current skills

Use the ICRS Competency Framework to reflect on your strengths and identify areas for development; plus an introduction to stakeholder mapping.

Stage 2 ›

STAGE 3: Considering the requirements for sustainability reporting

A glimpse at the trends and techniques of sustainability reporting.

Stage 3 ›

STAGE 4: Developing strategic responses to stakeholder issues

How to assess stakeholder needs and prioritise the issues they raise.

Stage 4 ›

STAGE 5: Evaluating prospects for sustainable partnerships

Exploring sustainability partnerships, project design, and considering the role consultants play.

Stage 5 ›

STAGE 6: Becoming a sustainable and responsible leader

Integrate all of your learning from the course and begin considering what competencies, values, and experience might be needed for leadership in the field.

Stage 6 ›

STAGE 7: Discuss professionalism in CRS

You will be asked to reflect on important topics on the future of sustainable and responsible business.

Stage 7 ›

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