Competency Framework

The skills and behaviours required of CRS professionals

It forms the foundation of our membership application and assessment process, as well as our approach to CPD.

The Framework has two elements:

  1. Guiding Principles
  2. Core Competences

The elements are all inter-related and together are more than the sum of their parts.

Find out more about the ICRS Competency Framework by clicking the elements in the diagram below:






We have created summary tables for both the Core Competences and the Guiding Principles. PDFs for download:

Core Competences › Guiding Principles ›


About the ICRS Competency Framework

The ICRS Competency Framework was developed through a process of consultation with CR and sustainability professionals of all kinds, including in-house practitioners, consultants and academics. The starting point for it was Business in the Community's CR Practitioner Competency Map and we are very grateful to BITC for use of this tool.

We want it to assist practitioners to be successful and to be a springboard for creativity and ambition: supporting people to have the impact and influence needed to embed sustainability into an organisation's core strategy.

We hope the Framework will evolve over time and be shaped by you and others who use it.


Need some help?

Contact us if you have any questions about the Competency Framework.

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