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As an effective and influential CRS professional you are continuously learning through your career

Use our framework and guidance to help set your personal objectives, track your progress, and reflect on your experience. These tools can easily be used alongside any professional development support you already have in place.

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"Recognising CRS as a profession brings structure, learning and credibility. It will make us better at our jobs and directly enhance the very purpose of our roles."

Matt Sparkes

Global Head of Corporate Responsibility at Linklaters


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What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is how you maintain and extend your professional knowledge and skills. It is fundamental to your growth and effectiveness as a CRS professional. Learning can be formal (courses, workshops, seminars etc) or informal (e.g. experience gained over the course of a project). Use our CPD Log to regularly reflect on your learning and your objectives.

Does everyone have to do it?

Fellows must maintain a CPD Log and are responsible for assessing their development needs and designing their own personal objectives. We emphasise the need to reflect on learning experiences.

CPD is optional for Members but you can still use the full features of the CPD Log as a personal development tool.

What are the benefits?

It helps maintain your professional competence and gives you new skills. Use our tools to help plan your development.

How should I record it?

Our CPD Log will help you to keep track of your work.

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What counts as CPD?

It can be anything that helps you meet your objectives. For example, it can include:

  • Seminars, courses, workshops and conferences
  • Studying towards a professional qualification
  • Online learning
  • Reading relevant magazines, newspapers and journals
  • Networking events
  • Work based learning
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Coaching / mentoring or being coached / mentored
  • Volunteering (including trusteeships & secondments)
  • Speaking at conferences/events

How much CPD should I do?

There is no prescribed amount to do. It is up to you to use these tools to plan and work towards your own objectives.

How do I manage CPD while on a career break?

You are likely to continue learning so do keep using the Log if it's appropriate, and where the learning is relevant to your objectives.

Do I need to submit records or evidence to the Institute?

There is no annual return, but we do select a random sample of Fellows to monitor each year. We ask you to submit your personal development plan and CPD Log, and we ask to see your CPD records for the past year.

How much notice will I be given if selected for monitoring?

You can send your plan and records to us up to three weeks after being asked.

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