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This guide will help you decide what to write, how to write it, and how to get it published on this site.

Submitting content

Please send all articles to the team at


We're always keen to hear new opinions, innovations and case studies in CRS.  Our Competency Framework is a useful reference to check topics are relevant for our CRS community.

No sales please

Try to avoid directly selling products or services.  We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and approaches to tackling the big sustainability challenges of the day. We reserve the right to edit content, with your consent, if it overtly sells a product or service.

Keep it constructive

Use a professional tone and, if writing an opinion piece, be constructive in your criticisms.

Get permission

It is your responsibility to approve any quotes, facts and figures you make reference to. Please seek the approval of any companies  you mention.

Style & Length

Write in the first person and aim for a word count of 800-1000 words.  Shorter opinion pieces are also very welcome.


We’re interested in your thoughts and professional insights. This will undoubtedly include references to your influences so please direct readers to useful information in your article.


We hope your article prompts a conversation in the ICRS community, and you will no doubt have people keen to follow up with you.  Share your contact details or social media handles to raise your profile and connect with others.


We retain the right to edit articles before publishing, and will work with you to find a consistent style and tone.


Please submit articles in Word (or equivalent) where text can be selected and copied.

Think about readability; use short paragraphs and break up text with sub-headings to help the flow. A short, thought-provoking title can be a useful hook to entice readers.

Biography and photo

Your biography and photograph will appear alongside your article. Make sure your ICRS profile is up to date.

Don't have a profile? Create one here.


Images will bring your content to life so please include any you have.

Make sure any photographs are correctly attributed and credit their source.

  • Maximum image size 128MB
  • Send us images in these formats: PNG, GIF, JPG or JPEG


Once it's published, make sure everyone knows about it!

Share the link online and through your social media channels. We will feature it in our communications to the whole ICRS community.

Get in touch

Contact us if you have any questions about writing or contributing.

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