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ICRS Express 18th April 2017

William Pickett on 18 April 2017

ICRS Express 3rd April 2017

Ciara Sheehan on 12 April 2017

Impact Reporting is broken. GivX will provide a simple alternative.

Linz Darlington on 3 April 2017

After a year of consultation with the CSR community, we’ve come up with GivX: a simple, standardised way to value and celebrate your community investment. A year ago I wrote an ICRS article calling out impact reporting. I was inspired by conversations with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioners who admitted they spent upwards of a month a year attempting to record their impact. I argued it was a drain on time, put an unnecessary burden on third-sector partners, and threatened to divert resources from maximising the impact of community investment.

ICRS Express 20th March 2017

William Pickett on 21 March 2017

ICRS Express 6th March 2107

Ciara Sheehan on 13 March 2017

ICRS Express 20th February 2017

William Pickett on 20 February 2017

The Future of Corporate Fundraising

Nick Sammons on 20 February 2017

ICRS Express 23rd January 2017

William Pickett on 23 January 2017


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