We're Recruiting ICRS Board Directors

The ICRS is recruiting a number of new Board Directors during 2018 and I’m writing to let you know about the opportunity to apply for one of these roles. This is an exciting opportunity to help lead the UK’s first professional CR and Sustainability Institute.

We recognise that the ICRS needs to keep pace with a changing world and evolving profession and the Board has begun the process of reviewing its governance arrangements and the experience and capability requirements of Board Directors. Over the last year or so, three ICRS Board Directors (Karen McArthur, Camilla Drejer and Claudine Blamey) have, for a variety of reasons, stepped down so we have vacancies on the Board.

The Board sets the strategy and direction for the ICRS, and guides the Institute’s activities, which are delivered by an experienced Secretariat. We need brilliant people with a range of skills and experience to join the Board in order to ensure we keep growing and our plans meet the needs of current and new members. If you’re passionate about the profession, and able to commit two days per month, please consider applying.

I can say from experience that an ICRS Board position is a great way to widen your skillset, gain Board-level experience and build your professional network. You will learn about running a membership organisation and strategy development. You will regularly liaise with our Organisational Members, many of whom are leading the field on CRS. In so many ways, you will contribute to the long-term status of the profession.

Best regards

Anita Longley, MICRS
ICRS Chair

The deadline for applications is midnight Sunday 22 April 2018.

Learn more in our guidance document and apply now

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