Two tiers for Individual Membership

Our new membership structure for individuals has simplified to two tiers: Member and Fellow

Join the community now as a Member, or take the leap for greater professional recognition through Fellowship.

This change responds to longer-term shifts in the sector, where Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) is increasingly becoming a whole-company endeavour.

It's now common for a core group of CRS professionals to guide an organisation's strategy, adapting and staying ahead of growing societal expectations. They work closely with specialist departments across a business to implement that strategy and deliver results.

This growing trend shows that responsible business is increasingly becoming everyone's business.

Membership: Start building and learning

Membership is a great place to start your responsible business career (students even enjoy 100% discount on fees). Membership is also open to anyone with a connection - or passion - for responsible business practice, supporting departments where CRS is not a central part of your role.

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Fellowship: Recognising skill and experience

CRS professionals are recognised through Fellowship, a mark of your achievements and proven experience. A peer-reviewed application shows you have the skills and knowledge to excel at delivering responsible business goals. And in return, Fellowship gives you a rich network of learning resources and access to experienced professionals from across the UK and worldwide.

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What does this change mean for me?

Our goal is to encourage this community to grow, significantly increasing the number of members and Fellows. This more diverse and wide-reaching network of professionals - with the Institute's help - will support one another, peer-to-peer, giving you access to a knowledgeable and experienced responsible business community.

If you were already a member there are subtle changes to the names of your old membership tiers. We have explained this in more detail on our Help page.

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