Pulse Survey Results: CRS Issues in 2016

Pulse Survey Results

We are now able to report back on the results of our survey from December 2015 in the hope that these will inform your thinking on CRS in the new year. Respondents were asked to select, from a wide range of options, what they regarded as the three most important CRS issues for the coming year. 

The results make interesting reading:

  • Climate change (39% of respondents), Improving the quality of communication with stakeholders (36%) and Labour and human rights (32%) were the top three choices.
  • Conversely, a number of the options – including, perhaps surprisingly, Philanthropy/Community investment, Water scarcity, and Anti-bribery and corruption – were selected by the fewest respondents. Whether this indicates these issues are seen as less important and/or picked up by other functions is impossible to tell.
  • Of the respondents, 60% were ICRS members (individual and organisational). There were some differences in the views of members versus those of non-members.
 Issue  Overall  Members  Non-Members
 Climate change  39%  29%  55%
 Communication with stakeholders  36%  47%  18%
 Labour and human rights  32%  41%  18%
 Sustainable supply chains and ethical trade  25%  24%  27%
 Corporate governance and ethics  25%  29%  18%
 Employee wellbeing  21%  24%  18%
 Responsible Investment  21%  18%  27%
 Diversity and inclusion  14%  18%  9%
 Measuring social and economic impact  14%  18%  9%
 Transparency around corporate taxation  11%  12%  9%


ICRS Pulse Surveys gauge the opinion of industry professionals on important topics related to CRS. If you have a topic that you would like to suggest, please contact us at info@icrs.info.


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