ICRS Announces Appointment of New Chair

After three years as Chair of ICRS, Claudine Blamey has decided to step down. Her leadership of the Institute has played a significant role in its growth and the greater recognition of CRS as a distinct profession. Claudine leaves with the heartfelt thanks of the board, members and the wider CRS community.

Claudine’s successor is Anita Longley, latterly ICRS’s Vice Chair. Anita’s wealth of CRS experience, accumulated over many years, coupled with her close involvement with ICRS, both prior to and since its launch, make her ideally placed to lead the Institute during the next exciting phase of its development.     

In her inaugural remarks to members and supporters of ICRS, Anita said:

“I’m delighted to be appointed as the ICRS Board Chairman. I’m passionate about the CRS profession and how we shape business and society.  We have a key role to play in delivering a sustainable future – ensuring that caring for people and our planet works hand in hand with business success. We will achieve this best together, by sharing experiences and skills, driving innovation and pioneering the ethical business agenda.

I am looking forward to working with our current and future members to ensure that the ICRS becomes the professional institute that every CRS professional belongs to. Together we will achieve so much more.”   

For a longer version of Anita’s statement please click here.

Please join us on Thursday 14th December at 2pm for a webinar in which Anita will share her CRS story and plans for the Institute with Paul Burke, the Head of the ICRS Secretariat. Register for the Webinar here.

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