Bitesized Briefing: The new Social Value Model - An overview of the Government's new measures and how social enterprise procurement can help

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed communities across the world, and many people have found their social and economic opportunities have been devastated. 

Even before the pandemic, however, organisations were beginning to consider their activities more holistically, to take account of the wider economic, social and environmental effects of their actions. The last few years in particular have seen growing cross-sector calls for a greater focus on quality, sustainability and transparency in public procurement. Reflecting this new reality, the 2012 Government Social Value Act was recently enhanced for central government in the 06/20 Procurement Policy Note. The new government policy note demonstrates a marked shift in the public sector's attitude towards the role that social value should play in determining who wins public contracts. 

But what do these changes mean for businesses and the wider social economy? And how can organisations best prepare for these changes?

To help answer these questions, we were joined by expert guest speakers Su Pickerill and Beth Pilgrim. 

We heard from Su and Beth on what the Social Value model is, working with social enterprises, and how organisations and social enterprises can join forces to deliver on the new  public procurement note. We also heard what the social value model means from an organisational perspective, and how to put policy into practice.


View the recording of our conversation here


If you would like to read more on Social Value, you can do so at,, and the following resources:



Su Pickerill is Group Community Investment Manager at ICRS Organisational Member and Patron Wates. 

Su oversees Social Value at Wates and is responsible for their 2025 'Creating Opportunities' strategy. She recently delivered Wates’ target to spend £20m with the social enterprise sector by 2020.  


Beth Pilgrim is Co-Founder and CEO of Supply Change.

Supply Change connects organisations looking for goods and services with social enterprise suppliers who can deliver quality and a positive impact. Supply Change is a female founded social enterprise and was recognised by Natwest as a top 25 newcomer social enterprise in 2020. 


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