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Working in the construction industry, we are under increasing pressure to ensure we are able to understand the extent to which resources are used in each of our projects – this includes water, electricity and timber alongside the waste our projects are generating and the amount of waste we are able to recycle. 

We found that we didn’t have a robust set of data on our environmental performance. We were not recording waste generated, recycling rates, energy and water consumption or timber consumption in a consistent way across all our construction projects, which meant we had no baseline for improvement.

It was also becoming a continual requirement in bids that we demonstrate our environmental performance.


We adopted an online system that is provided by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). The online platform provides the ability to record both quantity of resources used and waste produced. We investigated the system and adapted it to suit our requirements in recording energy, waste, water and certified timber usage.

We then put together a training programme and rolled it out to staff across the business – it was really important we got the training right, and employees understood the reasons why we were introducing the system, as well as how to use it.


The sustainability practitioner behind the implementation played a key role in the introduction of the system.  They conducted the research on what the best tool might be to record our data, and then once a decision had been made on the system provided by BRE, they had to convince director and senior managers it was the best way to go.

The sustainability practitioner chose parameters for the data measurements and provided training across the business to users that would be responsible for recording the data. It took circa a year to embed the process into the business. They are now responsible for monitoring the data and reporting on progress being made in reductions in levels of waste, increases in recycling and amounts of resource being used.


There have been a number of benefits to the company as a result of the introduction of the system. We can now demonstrate compliance with meeting set environmental standards, along with identifying areas where we are exceeding our targets.

We are also able to provide reports to stakeholders and can target specific areas that need improvement.

We do make an effort to keep the requirements of BrookfieldMetrics as simple as possible but we need to keep the right balance while ensuring we record all the information that we need. And with the ever-evolving area of environmental sustainability we keep improving the system to stay ahead of the game.

An unexpected benefit was that we discovered we are actually doing better than our peers in the industry, for example we found we are market leaders for both waste recycled and certified timber used. We can now tell clients this when bidding for work, which helps set us apart from our competitors.

We are also able to pinpoint projects where we consume too much of a certain resource, for example energy or water, and act on this as appropriate.

Lessons learned

The benefits are long-term, however it is definitely worth the investment.  We experienced benefits that we were not expecting, such as improved visibility and transparency of our recycling and environmental performance. I would encourage others to invest in similar resources just for the transparency benefits.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about Brookfield Metrics please contact Dr Eva Gkenakou Eva.

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