A speedy interview with the Farnborough Hub

The Farnborough Hub is one of the original Hubs, having been set up to expand the network of CRS professionals outside of London. Since its inception, the Farnborough Hub has hosted a number of successful events, including hosting a workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals and a Diversity & Inclusion lunch. 

Sam Healy, who ably leads the Hub and is also an ICRS Board Member and Fellow, outlines how the Hub has evolved over the years. 


What makes your Hub unique?

The Farnborough Hub was the first of the regional Hubs and was set up to provide an alternative to all events being in London. It has been going for quite some years now and over that time we have developed our preferred MO, with a focus on ‘by members for members’ with our events run as discussions and tip swaps over lunch. 


What do you see as the role of your Hub?

The Hub provides an opportunity for CRS practitioners to discuss a topic over a couple of hours in a safe and friendly environment with a small group who understand many of the same challenges and can offer ideas to help.  Regular attendees get to choose the next topic and we have covered reputational risk, human rights and modern slavery, community investment, D&I and the environment.  


How are you hoping your Hub will evolve?

The Hub is there for our members and so we will always aim to focus on what is most useful to them - be it the topic we discuss or our style of meeting. In the short term our evolution is to go virtual so that we can stay in touch. 


Keep an eye out on our Events page for upcoming Farnborough Hub events.