A speedy interview with the Aspire Hub

The Aspire Hub has grown faster than anyone could have anticipated, and has recently celebrated gaining over 100 members. The Hub is led by a dynamic group of young CRS professionals who work in a variety of industries, from the legal sector to higher education. With an active online presence, the Aspire Hub is the go-to place for new and aspiring CRS professionals to share learnings and challenges, job and skills development opportunities, and network. 

Maddison Hucks, Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator at NHS Property Services Ltd and Co-chair of the Aspire Hub, shares why she thinks the Aspire Hub is unique.


What makes your Hub unique? 

Our Hub is virtual and so has a national reach and its content is shaped entirely by our members. What we share and deliver is based on what the Aspire community has told us they want to hear about.


What do you see as the role of your Hub? 

We see the role of the Aspire Hub to provide support, contacts and career or development opportunities for new and aspiring CRS practitioners and students.


How are you hoping your Hub will evolve? 

Over time, we would like the hub to become the first port of call for new and aspiring CRS professionals to reach out to each other for support. It can be difficult to find peers in this sector when you are starting out and we’d like this hub to be active in uplifting each other. We would also like to grow our student membership so that we can ensure that  people are getting that support right from the very beginning of their career journey in CRS.


Keep an eye out on our Events page for upcoming Aspire Hub events, and join the LinkedIn group here.